RPB: Innovation & Quality

Our History

In the year 1959, Rufino Pablo Baggio established the company in the city of Gualeguaychú, province of Entre Ríos.
At the early stages, the company was focused on elaborating and trading wines, while later on fruit juices were incorporated to the company’s activities.
The continuous development of the several markets and marketing channels throughout the country was the driving force for the ongoing growth of the company, which, in 1983, decided to settle its first production plant in the Industrial Park of Gualeguaychú.
Today, this plant is more than 60,000 covered square meters big, and it is fully devoted to the elaboration of fruit juices, sodas, water, sparkling water, fruit preparations and snacks.

Moreover, in the province of Mendoza, the wineries where the different lines of wine -varietals or generics- are elaborated, and plants devoted to the production of tomato sauce and olive oil are settled.

Cutting-edge technology

The sustained growth during the last years in national as well as international markets where all RPB S.A. brands operate has been supported by the ever-increasing desire to research, innovate and reinvest in the best technology.
All the cutting-edge, safe and efficient technology currently available is applied to the primary productive processes carried out in our company.

Public Relationships

RPB S.A. keeps a fluid relationship with the different markets it works with.

The aim of the varied activities we engage in, such as promotional and social activities, solidarity campaigns and participation in events, among others, is to create strong institutional bonds, particularly, between the company and the community it belongs to.

Human Resources

RResponsibility, passion and search. This is the slogan that summarizes the spirit of an ever-growing company.
The continuous training and specialization of all human resources in our diverse management teams is reflected in the achievement of our main goal: to produce more and better products and services to increasingly meet final consumers' demands.

Quality Guarantee

RPB S.A. has been granted with the ISO Quality Management System certificate 9001:2000 for its fundamental processes as from the year 2001.

The safety and carefulness applied to all industrial processes, from the provisioning of consumables and raw material through the delivery of end products, the skill and training of the operators and a modern food-engineering, ensure the highest quality standards of all products and services.

Foreign Trade

For RPB S.A. developing new markets implies placing our brands and products in more than fifty countries around the world.

The Foreign Trade department works hard to keep an active dynamics in the design of commercial strategies aimed at gaining new consumers in new world markets.


Contact:  Mr. Sergio Bernigaud

(TE: +54 261 4819300 - FX: +54 261 4819368 - E-mail: exteriormza@baggio.com.ar)